NOTE:  all of these programs are available on approved credit ("OAC")

NO cash for down payment?

We have lenders that will do a ‘Flex Down’ mortgage, typically that means a borrowed down payment (This is sometimes referred to as a no down payment or zero down mortgage, but really, there is a down payment it is just borrowed.)

Mortgage Renewal

Is your Mortgage up for Renewal?  Call us First.
Know what is competitive before you sign with your bank.    

Transfers, further to the above, we can get your mortgage transferred for little or no cost to you and yet, get you a better Rate & Mortgage product at the same time.                                                                    

Cash Back mortgages.

To assist with legal fees, appliances or simply wanting to have some extra cash for furniture, home or yard improvements, or maybe…pay off some outside debt?

Purchase Plus Improvements.

Get us a Quote and we can add the improvement to your Purchase Price and include that cost in your mortgage

Revenue Properties.

We can help you buy more properties for investment/Revenue Properties

Refinances / Equity

Refinances / Equity take outs for Investments, Income Tax arrears, debt consolidations, get you a better rate/mortgage terms.

Self Employed?

If you don’t have enough declared income, we have lenders that can assist under a ‘Stated Income’ program with as little as 10% down payment.

New to Canada?

There are mortgages for you.  With established Canadian Credit for as little as 5% down payment.  With limited established Canadian Credit for as little as 10% down payment.

Credit Repair

Needing a mortgage while you are restoring your credit?  We can help you with that and we will work with you to get you back to an A lender with a better rate, this typically can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years.